How to Uninstall Messenger On Facebook

How To Uninstall Messenger On Facebook: Do not wish to use Facebook's Messenger app? You can uninstall the application from any gadget that it's mounted on. Uninstalling Messenger will eliminate all of the Carrier data from your phone. After uninstalling the app, you can still check out as well as send messages utilizing the Facebook mobile website.

How To Uninstall Messenger On Facebook.

Uninstalling Facebook Carrier on Android.

If you have an Android device as well as wish to disable Facebook Carrier, you have to adhere to these steps:.

1. Open Up Google Play.

2. Browse for this application utilizing the magnifying glass in the top right corner. There you could type "Facebook Messenger".

3. Similarly, you can also access the "My Apps" listing where you will find all the applications you have installed on your phone. Most likely to "Settings and also just scroll down till you locate the "Application" area.

4. Once you have actually found the "Messenger" application, click the "Uninstall" button as well as confirm that you want to begin uninstalling this application. When completed, you will see that the Facebook Carrier icon has actually disappeared from your "Beginning" menu and if you also had it there.

If you do not desire to totally erase the app yet just disable it, right here's just how to do it.

Uninstalling Facebook Messenger on apple iphone.

If you're trying to find the best ways to uninstall Facebook Carrier from apple iphone or iPad the procedure is simple:.

1. Press the Messenger symbol for a few secs and see it begin to tremble as well as show a cross in the left corner.

2. Now, you'll just have to press it.

3. The application will certainly be uninstalled.

Ways To Uninstall Facebook Messenger on a Windows Phone.

Facebook Messenger likewise exists for Windows smartphones, so if that's your OS, you need to do the following:.

1. Go to the listing of applications and also continue Messenger.

2. After that, a sort of popup menu with the "Uninstall" alternative appears, after that press it.

3. You should respond to "Yes" to validate you wish to erase this application therefore totally uninstall Facebook Messenger for your Windows Phone.

Switch Off Facebook Carrier from your computer.

If you're additionally fed up of getting messages on your computer system's Facebook carrier, then right here's just how to deactivate it. You will not have the ability to erase it on the computer entirely as the messaging feature is not a different application, however part of the social media network:.

* Discover the conversation bar at the right of your display.

* Most likely to the "choices" sign at the far right of the screen.

* Click "Transform off conversation".

* Select if you want your chat to be switched off for all your get in touches with or just certain individuals.

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