Save Photos From Facebook

Save Photos From Facebook: Understood the number of images you have on Facebook and also ONLY Facebook? Perhaps you need to get them on your computer so you could share them with those who do not do Facebook (gasp). Yes, there are 'those' individuals around.

Save Photos From Facebook.


1. Log onto Facebook if you haven't already. Click on the Setups symbol in the far upper right corner.

2. Click Account Setups.

3. At the approximate facility of your display, you will certainly see a link to 'Download and install a copy' of your Facebook information. You will certainly be downloading everything, not simply your images.

4. Type in your password. Yes, you have already visited, however it's an additional layer of safety and security for you.

* You will get an e-mail with information. If you receive this without requesting the download, after that your account has been hacked.

5. Wait on your download message. It takes a little while for your archive to be ready. When you obtain it, click the link and download it. It will be a whized file, so you will need a program to remove it.

6. Once it is downloaded, double click on the file and also essence it.

7. Once it is downloaded, go to where they were removed to, and submit them, use them, whatever it is you desire them for.