How to Delete Comment On Facebook

How To Delete Comment On Facebook-You can remove certain comments and articles in Facebook utilizing either the mobile application or the desktop site. Remarks that you've made in addition to remarks that have made on your posts could be erased, but you can not delete discuss blog posts that aren't yours. You can additionally delete articles that you have actually made or that others have made on your timeline.

How To Delete Comment On Facebook.

Method 1. Erasing Remarks (Mobile Application).

1. Open the Facebook application. You can delete any kind of eligible remark utilizing your Facebook mobile app. Make sure you're visited with the account that could erase the comment.

* If you intend to delete a message rather than a comment, see the next section.

2. Open Up the Task Log. The Activity log tracks all of the comments as well as messages you have actually made. You can rapidly locate particular remarks using the Task Log. To access the Activity Log:.

* Android - Tap the Menu (☰) button in the upper-right corner, then scroll completely to "Activity Log.".

* iOS - Touch the Food Selection (☰) button in the lower-right corner, then touch "Settings." Select "Task Log" from the brand-new menu.

3. Discover comments on your blog posts that you intend to delete. The Activity Log will only show comments you've made. If you have to remove a remark a person made on your article, you'll should open that blog post rather.

* You could remove comments that you've made on other individuals's posts as well as remarks that have left on your messages. You could not delete comments that people have left on blog posts that aren't yours.

4. Open up the remark's menu. In the Task Log, touch the "v" next to the remark you desire to erase. If you're aiming to erase a remark directly from a blog post (not the Activity Log), press and also hold it to open the comment's menu. [1]

5. Tap "Remove" to erase the comment. You'll be asked to validate that you intend to remove the comment from the article. If the "Remove" choice is not available, you are not permitted to erase that comment.

Technique 2. Removing Articles (Mobile Application).

1. Discover the article you wish to erase. You could erase posts that you've made or articles that others have actually made on your timeline. You can not erase articles that you do not possess.

2. Open the Activity Log to quickly discover your posts. You can locate posts you have actually made using the Activity Log, which logs every one of your activity on Facebook. If you want to erase a post somebody else made on your timeline, you'll require to find it on your timeline instead.

* Android - Touch the Food selection button (☰), after that choose the "Task Log.".

* iOS - Tap the Menu button (☰), faucet "Settings," then select the "Activity Log.".

3. Tap the "v" button beside a post you desire to delete. This will certainly open up the post's food selection. You can only erase articles that you've made or that others have made on your timeline.

4. Select "Delete" from the menu. You'll be asked to verify that you wish to remove the post. If you do not have a delete option, you are not permitted to remove that article. You can hide blog posts that you can not remove instead.

* Erasing an article will certainly remove every one of the sort, and also will certainly disappear for everyone that has actually shared it too. [2]

Technique 3. Removing Remarks (Desktop Computer).

1. Log right into the Facebook web site. You can delete any of your remarks making use of the Facebook site. Make certain to log in with the account that is allowed to erase the remark.
If you have to delete an article instead of a remark, see the following area.

2. Locate the comment you wish to delete. You can remove comments that you have actually left on blog posts in addition to comments that others have actually left on your own blog posts. You could not remove remarks that other individuals have actually left on other individuals's messages.

3. Use the Task Log to find remarks you've made. You can discover any type of comments you have actually made by using the Activity Log.

* Click the ▼ button at the top of the page, then select "Activity Log." You can then surf for the comment you intend to get rid of.

* You could likewise just open up the post that consists of the comment you wish to remove.

4. Click the switch to the right of the comment you wish to erase. Click the "X" next to other individuals's remarks or the Pencil switch beside your very own.

5. Select "Delete" from the menu that appears. This only happens for remarks that you've made.

6. Validate that you want to delete the comment. Once you verify, the remark will certainly be eliminated and also nobody will certainly be able to see it anymore.

Technique 4. Deleting Posts (Desktop Computer).

1. Log right into the Facebook website. Ensure that you visit with the account that is enabled to remove the comment.

2. Locate the message you want to delete. You can delete articles that you have actually made or articles that others have left on your timeline. You could not erase messages that have actually made on timelines aside from your own.

* You could utilize the Task Log to quickly discover old articles. Click the ▼ button in the upper-right corner as well as select "Task Log," after that scroll via to locate the blog post.

3. Click the "v" button alongside the post you desire to delete. This will show a little food selection with some alternatives.

* If you're in the Activity Log, click the Pencil switch rather.

4. Select "Delete" from the menu. After verifying, this will totally eliminate the blog post from Facebook. Anyone that has actually shared it will not be able to watch it. All remarks and likes will be deleted as well.