How Do I Change the Language On My Facebook

How Do I Change The Language On My Facebook: Facebook being one of the major social networking service going to expand it's solution tremendously. Accordingly it was launching many facilities to the facebook followers. Recently Facebook Declared to Open an Office in Hyderabad as well. Many Indians are grateful about this. Coming to the point facebook have actually permitted to change the default English language to our indigenous language.

How Do I Change The Language On My Facebook.


1. Open facebook homepage.

2. In the base of the page find the language you needed or click the >> arrowhead mark.

3. After that a window will certainly appear to select the language you want like listed below screenshot.

4. Select the language you want and also you could login.


1. You can locate the Language option via Facebook Account Setups-- > Language-- > Primary Language.

2. Select the language you desire and also click.

Facebook uses almost 108 languages around the world, so people its now your turn to enjoy in facebook with your local language. Ultimately make sure that I am in your facebook buddies checklist, if not capture me at

With any luck the method I explained above can assist you get to create the language you want.